HISUN Motors Donates Generators for Hurricane Maria Relief

HISUN Motors Donates Generators for Hurricane Maria Relief

November 5, 2018
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On the heels of several hurricanescausing major destruction, Hurricane Maria made landfall in Puerto Rico as acategory 4 hurricane, making it one of the most intense storms to come out ofthe Atlantic, and the worst hurricane to make landfall in Puerto Rico since1928.

Hurricane Maria made landfall inPuerto Rico with peak winds of 155 mph and torrential rainfall. Puerto Rico sufferedcatastrophic damage, including major flooding, loss of electrical power, andcommunication black outs.

Reports as of September 25thstate, Hurricane Maria caused 24 deaths in Puerto Rico with authoritiespredicting this number to rise.

After hearing about Hisun Motor Corporation’s donation of 250 generators for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts taking place in Houston, TX, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban and current Dallas Mavericks player, J.J. Barea reached out to HISUN Motors Corp., USA for assistance. Hisun responded by providing generators which were immediately loaded on Mr. Cuban’s private jet for transportation to Puerto Rico with hopes of adding a glimmer of light to a disastrous situation.
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J.J. Barea, Puerto Rico native,stated, “We can’t thank you (HISUN) enough for this donation, this is huge, myhome is unrecognizable, these generators will be put to use immediately…we have labeled each generator individually with the area where they will be used.”

This is the second trip J.J. Bareahas organized to Puerto Rico this week, with help from Mark Cuban, who loanedhis planes to ferry supplies to those in need.
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“We honored to be called onto thefront line and provide immediate assistance to those in need. When you see generators being loaded with names of hospitals attached to them it hits you a little differently. Being able to provide a tool that will potentially help rebuild a neighborhood or power rescue equipment is truly humbling”, said Gabriel Cruz, Media Development for HISUN Motors Corp., USA.
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